To respect Mārsili residents, several regulations regarding architecture are in place. The purpose of the regulations is to avoid any uncontrolled construction, which can cause unnecessary stress and have a negative impact on those families living in the Mārsili area.

The developer has implemented these detailed planning regulations that are similar to the New Town Act. The New Town Act was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which allowed the government to designate areas as new towns and to pass development control functions to a Development Corporation.

In accordance with the regulations, any construction on privately-owned land plots in the area must receive the consent of developer. This regulation is implemented by the developer, in accordance with an agreement between the municipal government and the developer. Our team will provide consultation services to every land-owner or potential Mārsili resident. The consultation service includes basic information regarding the desirable form of architecture, and a suggested list of architects and technical supervisors.


Alderu street

Land area 12449m² Building area 668m² Implementation year 2009. Architect SIA “ARHStadija”


Māras street

Land area 4560m²   Building area 637m² Implementation year 2012. Architect Dace Ūdre


Annas street 9

Land area 1504m²   Building area 384m² Implementation year 2006. Architect SIA “ARHStadija”


Māras street 15

Land area 1380m²  Building area 222m² Implementation year 2007. Architect Aldis Plaudis 


Laimas street 12/14

Land area 4943m²  Building area 600m² Implementation year 2009. Architect Juris Bērziņš 

A priority of the project Mārsili is infrastructure development; however, we follow the demands of our customers.

By request of our customers, we have launched a special programme for those who fear construction risks. On a few carefully chosen land parcels, our team, in cooperation with architects, has created a special architectural solution for each land parcele in the programme.

Inspired by the grand book of contemporary architecture of small residential houses, we have created technical projects in accordance with the guidelines of the book.

Every house has a unique architectural design and shall not be repeated. The character of this architectural heritage will transcend generations. Forget about the cheap wooden pre-fabricated cookie-cutter houses with poor architecture that most developers declare an advantage. In Mārsili, every house we build is from stone and concrete. For load-bearing walls, as well as internal walls, we use concrete, solid materials, to avoid any deficiencies in the project. Load-bearing walls, as well as internal walls, are to be of a thickness not less than 375 mm, plus  the facing, which makes walls and internal window openings look gorgeous. This thickness also helps in achieving the highest insulation standards.

Construction is completed by a skilled private housing construction team, a specially-established structure under the NEWCOM construction company. The construction process is supervised by respectable supervisors ( jurevics & Partners). Architects will supervise the construction process from a design viewpoint. Each house has a five- year guarantee for structural aspects and two-year guarantee for high-tech aspects (such us heating systems, electrical wiring etc).

Easier than buy a car!

Program assumes:
A detailed technical project, a design project, including even smallest details, such as: facing materials, electrical outlets, bathroom equipment, shower heads, spare parts, etc.

Permit of use
Delivery for customer

There are 3 easy steps
to get your dream house:

  1. Choose a house from the programme.
  2. Sign a purchase agreement.
  3. Sign the construction agreement.
Within 12 months following step three, you will receive the key to your house.

Our team will help you with financing, registration and other procedures.

All of our agreements are insured by bank guarantees, and cover all possible losses, which may occur during any part of the transaction.