Equipped with the utilities systems required to perfectly operate your house, the region of Mārsili is at the top of the list of the most sophisticated suburban areas surrounding the City of Rīga. Since Day One, the project developer has pursued his dream of providing all municipal utilities to the site, despite heavy bureaucracy and high costs. The following utility systems have been built and are perfectly functioning today:

Water supply

A water supply is the first and most important system. It is provided by the City of Rīga water supply company, “ Rīgas Ūdens” ("Rīga Water"). Among several water supply companies, RŪ is the number one water supplier in Latvia, when ranked by the water quality.


Gas - the cleanest and most convenient source of heat is provided for each house, just as electricity and otherutilities. The gas flow reserve in the area is big enough to supply a small city, and definitely enough to supply the entire Mārsili area untill the last house is built.


The growing need for electricity worldwide makes every project involving a high voltage network a challenge. Mārsili, however, is equipped with an electricity reserve that is sufficient to satisfy each and every household with a maximum supply of electricity up to 30 amps. per house.

Sewage system

The developer has built an internal sewage collection system, as well as 3 km-long high pressure sewage pipe, which transfers sewage water away from the area to a sewage treatment plant. Today, with EU financial support, the treatment plant is undergoing an upgrade to its systems. The plant will also be linked with another sewage treat ment facility to be able to operate on an even greater scale to avoid any possible malfunctions and to protect the environment.


Internet is usually easy to access in big cities, but is hard to find in suburban private housing areas. Mārsili can be proud of its internet access that is provided by private internet company. We are constantly working to improve the required internet speed and to upgrade all systems, to satisfy even most demanding customers.
Under the supervision of HRTB, one of the most experienced architect firms from Norway and its architect Ola Mowe, we have created the ideal place for living. Each street has its own story. There are two main entrances from Alderu Street, the main access road.

Most of the internal streets are made at an angle, some even in a horseshoe form. The shape of the streets tells you a new and continuous story every time you walk, ride your bicycle or your car. Under the supervision of the project developer, every plot owner creates his or her own ambitious private home, which increases the attractiveness of the area from the architectural point of view as well. The project is located in a pine forest, with pines shading the houses from the sun, composing a perfect mix of light and shadow. The neighbouring area is a clean pine forest, with animals you can see while walking out in the forest. There are no dangerous predators in the area.

Surrounded by several supermarkets, a cultural centre, hotels, restaurants, a sports and fitness centre with tennis courts and gyms, a public lake beach and playgrounds, Mārsili is the perfect place for families. There are kindergartens and schools, private and public, as well as the specialized Waldorf school.

The location, with low crime and great neighbours, is a perfect choice for young families and elderly people. Mārsili is located only 25 minute drive (17km) from the Freedom Monument on Brīvības iela; within a 5 minute drive, there are the prestigious Waldorf School, the Ādaži Secondary School and the Ādazi cultural centre, where services from various municipality institutions are provided. There is also a spacious theater hall to enjoy, where famous musicians and actors perform. Just across the street, you can have fun in the tennis courts, outdoors or indoors, in winter time. Two more minutes of driving, and you arrive at one of the most elite kindergarten in Latvia, the Kadaga preschool. There are jogging paths around the lake Mazais Baltezers, and even more in forest just behind the Mārsili township, where you can enjoy nature while taking in some fitness exercise.

It is usually challenging to live in an area with different social communities. Our belief is that great things must be in balance. We have found that Mārsili is a place adored by small and medium business owners, as well as managers of major businesses.

There is a list of bank presidents who have chosen Mārsili for their residences. Mārsili has gained a reputation as an middle upper-class neighborhood, where comfort can also be found for middle class society as well as the rich. Here you can find houses valued at millions and owned by the extremely wealthy, as well as 120 sq.m. private houses, perfect for middle-class family. All of them have good, harmonious, neighbourly relations. The children play together and they spend a great deal of time together celebrating events such as New Year's Eve or the Midsummer Night's festival.
The Mārsili developer also follows the basic principles of the social identity theory: “A sense of belonging to a particular social world”. In the suburban area, each house has its own address under the name "BALTEZERS". The name "BALTEZERS" itself is recognizable, as its residents are respectable and wealthy people.